Stairs measurement for stairlifts, handrails and more

The stairs measurement system by Linearis3D enables the precise measurement of staircases for a variety of tasks like the installation of stair lifts, handrails or rebuilding of the stairs. Conventional measurement tools like measuring tapes are insufficient when it comes to complex 3D measuring tasks. Real 3D data is necessary to measure angles or rounded faces. The measurement system based on state of the art photogrammetric technology is perfectly suited for such applications offering the following advantages:
  • Measurement can be performed by one person
  • High accuracy: thousands of stairs have been measured successfully using the Linearis3D system
  • Easy to use and immediate feedback if the measurement was successful
  • Direct export of IGES and DXF for all major CAD packages
  • Measurement of curved stairs over multiple floors
  • Indepent of stair lift manufacturers
Camera orientation